Encyclopedia of Morelia

It is expected that breeding of Carpet Pythonfs will become a boom in near future.   

Recently, I have been receiving several inquiry from customers who are willing to breed Carpet Python for the first time. I am very glad for receiving inquiries as a self-proclaimed carpet freak who has been breeding Carpet Python for more than 10 years.

Most frequently asked questions are the followings:

1. What kind of types are available?

2. What kind of mating pair shall I use to create certain morhps?

3. What is the difference between yellowish colored and whitish colored individual?

Ifve been suffering on how to answer these questions.

Needless to say, I also had the same questions when I first started breeding carpets, so I do understand how other people feels.  I didnft want to make other people disappointed because of the differences in thinking between what I think the difference between yellowish and whitish colored individual and what other people thinks.  That is why I had established this site.

I had tried to establish this site so that everyone will be able to easily understand morph of the individual shown, what kind of gene they have, what kind of species and subspecies are available in carpet pythons by gathering information, photos and receiving support from many cooperators.

 (Principles of genetics has been omitted because of nature of the site.)


If the English Name for certain individual is gAlbino Zebra Tigerh.

In the Genetic column it will say gRecessive + Co-dominant + Polygenetich.

In this case it means Albino = Recessive, Zebra = Co-dominant, Tiger = Polygenetic

First please click the gAll Photoh button on the bottom of the page.

If you click desired photo in gPhoto View of Carpet Pythonh, you will be able see description of that species.

If you would like to find by species, subspecies, cross or hybrid, then please click desired species name in gSort by speciesh.

Note: You will be able to see all photos from both search options.

Most of the species shown in this site are currently not in stock, however, we hope you will be able to find your favorite carpet pythons.

We are hoping that everyone will have a wonderful Carpet breeding life!

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